Rockets Howells rifles Rooks forward – Lewes Community Football Club

Rockets Howells rifles Rooks forward

Rockets Howells rifles Rooks forward

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Written by: Jack

Paula Howells ensured the Rooks took all three points today and move up to 7th in the league in a tough and well-fought game. Reports Maycee Rogers.

Scott Booth’s side were the most dominant and possessive side in the first half trying to break down a defensive Blackburn Rovers backline.

A flurry of chances were created early on with Ellie Mason who had a fantastic chance with a great ball in from Nat Johnson, which saw Mason manage to dance around the keeper, who had a clear opportunity but just caught the wrong angle and couldn’t find the back of the net.

Lewes held control of the game in the first half shutting down any possible chances from Blackburn, with Sophie Whitehouse having a mammoth save on the brink of halftime to deny Blackburn the chance of a corner.

The Rooks continued to hold the tempo and flow of play in the second half yet Blackburn were very strong defensively denying the Rooks of a breakthrough.

Paula Howells finally broke the deadlock in the 69th minute with a great ball in from Emily Kraft. Howells had an absolute rocket of a ball from the edge of the box, with the firecracker of a ball flying straight into the top corner.

Kenzie Weir had a great chance in the 90th minute but the Blackburn keeper just denied her the chance to grab a second and put the game to bed.

The win today moves Lewes up into 7th and sitting behind Crystal Palace whom we visit next on Sunday.