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The inner financial workings of a football club tend to be a bit of a black box. Any documentation, if it exists, is kept “in the bottom of a locked filing cabinet stuck in a disused lavatory with a sign on the door saying Beware of the Leopard”.

However, Lewes Football Club is determined to be as transparent as possible, though allowing for the fact that information relating to individuals’ salaries etc should always remain confidential.

When the club transformed into a community-owned entity in July 2010, the new Board created a strategy for a three-year transition into financial self-sustainability. Clearly, it’s taking a bit longer than three years to get to that point. But each year, we learn a bit more and, in that sense, we get a bit closer all the time. We will get there. Our clearest possible route to full financial self-sustainability is by growing our Ownership numbers, currently at around 1,800. And that is the simplest way that anyone can help, by buying annual ownership and by asking others to do so – you can buy ownership here.

So, here are are the individual audited accounts for all the years since Lewes FC became community owned.

These are the accounts for both the football club ‘Lewes (2000) FC Ltd’ and the overall Community Benefit Society ‘Lewes Community Football Club Ltd’ (LCFC). Note: LCFC owns 100% of the shares in Lewes (2000) FC Ltd.

Lewes (2000) FC Ltd is Registered in England and Wales with Company Registration Number 03790979.

What happened before Community Ownership?

In 2012, we brought together the available financial information from the past seven seasons, pre-dating Community ownership, to give our owners and fans a good overall picture of the ups and downs, triumphs and failures that have marked this club’s progress over that time.

Click here to download a PDF of the Lewes FC Financial Review that we produced in April 2012.