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The beating, singing heart of every club

Our fans

If anyone in football needed convincing of the importance of fans, the global pandemic should have left no one in any doubt.

Without fans at a match, it’s really weird. In fact, it’s kind of pointless. Fans created clubs in the first place, fans give football meaning. That’s why, when football clubs and absentee owners ignore their fans or don’t listen enough, the game is diminished and its meaning undermined.

So, thank you to all our fans. Some have been coming for decades, some only just came to their first match. Some are old, some are young. Football can unite us all, no matter our gender, our race, our religion, our physical capacity or any other aspect of identity. Fans just want to watch football and want to be with each other, sharing the enduring drama that unfolds at every single match, without fail.

Our fans
Lewes Community Football Club — The beating, singing heart of every club
Lewes Community Football Club — Our partners - helping commit to gender equality in football.

Our partners - helping commit to gender equality in football.

Our partners

Partners are companies who have committed significant investment to the club, sharing our vision for the power of football. These are important long-term relationships that see support flowing in both directions. So, Lewes FC commits club and player time to helping partners build their businesses too.

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This is a football revolution. And we want your company to #JoinTheClub.

Our sponsors

There is such a wide range of sponsorship opportunities at Lewes FC. Classic stuff like naming a stand, sponsoring teams or supporting our Kids-Go-Free ticketing stance and lots more too. There is bound to be a sponsorship that suits you and, if there isn’t, well we can just make one for you. What do you want to achieve..?

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Lewes Community Football Club — Come and join our team! Help do your bit to write history.

Come and join our team! Help do your bit to write history.

Our community

Looking after the Dripping Pan on matchdays and in-between is a constant thing. We have volunteering opportunities of every kind, requiring all sorts of skills and experience. From maintenance to marketing and all stops in-between. Just ask us. Email us today. john@lewesfc.com

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All striving in their own way to support the fight for gender equality.


Sisterships are like-minded organisations who are all trying to further women’s causes or voices in the wider world. There’s an incredible range of Sisterships, from the amazing Brighton Women’s Centre to Sussex Police, who want to show their support for women thinking of joining or advancing their career in the Police; from the Survivors’ Network to Lewes Women In Business. Want to join us. Email Karen karen@lewesfc.com.

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