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Unwelcome Women...

That's how football can make you feel

Women’s football has always been political (small p).

100 years ago, the very act of playing football challenged the social norms, so much so that the then FA banned the women’s game in 1921 (until 1971).

100 years ago, women’s matches raised funds for good causes, be that returning soldiers, women’s organisations or striking miners’ families, the act that was probably the last straw for the authorities.

So we see our #EqualityFC campaign for gender equality in football in that long tradition: Using football as an engine for social change. We are now joining up with like-minded organisations that support women in society.

Lewes FC is offering a place to come together (with discounted match tickets for member groups) and using our network of social media and contacts to promote the fantastic work that SisterShips members do. SisterShips also get £10 off the price of an annual Ownership share in Lewes FC.

A women’s football match is a great place to meet up, network and just relax and have some fun.

Want to know more? Drop Karen a line at Karen@lewesfc.com



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"FiLiA recognises the stance Lewes FC has taken in respect of the inequalities that exist within the sport, in particular equal pay, literally flying in the face of over 100 years of inequalities - being the first ever club to pay the same rate to both men’s and women’s teams. It sends a clear message that equal pay is not only long overdue and something to aim for, but is possible now. FiLiA looks forward to supporting the club in its future endeavours in addressing inequity within the sport in its broadest context."

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University Of Sussex - Active Us

“Active US and Sussexsport are constantly impressed and inspired by the amazing work that Lewes FC has achieved, and continue to achieve, to address inequality in sport. Across the University of Sussex, our US Girls Can campaign empowers women to get active as we strive to reduce the gender gap in sports participation. We are proud to be part of the SisterShip and look to Lewes FC as a campaigning club who lead the way and provide a model of equality to aspire to.”

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Breast Cancer UK

"Breast Cancer UK raises awareness of the preventable risk factors for breast cancer. We provide practical information to help empower women to take control of their health and take action to lower their risk of developing breast cancer. We campaign for national policy change to support prevention, and fund scientific research to help improve our understanding of how to stop the disease. We’re excited to join the SisterShip which will help us share our prevention message with more women, empowering them to reduce their risk."