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Lewes Community Football Club — "Football without fans is nothing"

"Football without fans is nothing"

Jock Stein knew what he was talking about

Why do we play football? Who is it for?

When football clubs were being born in 1880s and beyond, they were started by fans and players. Some were factory teams, others (like Lewes) were created by cricket clubs’ eager for a winter pursuit.

But once these teams started drawing crowds, the game belonged to the fans. Without their support, in every sense, there would be no football. And when, as recently, they weren’t allowed in grounds, the whole experience lacked drama.

Over a period of decades, players change, managers change, directors change. But the fans do not. They carry on watching through good and bad times, rain and shine, victory and defeat. But fans can vote with their feet and stop attending. When a club owner makes changes that they hate, when the game stops feelings like theirs.

Welcome to Lewes FC where fans can all be owners and be at the heart of everything. Exactly where they belong.

Lewes FC Supporters Club

A chance to give back

For decades, we have had a changing group of fans, mostly local, who will pitch in to repair and look after the Dripping Pan and who will raise funds for the club to help pay for improvements and refurbishment. We love the Pan, but it’s been here a long time and there’s always something that needs fixing. We are fortunate that volunteers step up, paint brush, drill or saw in hand to offer their services.

The ‘SC’ have their own website with more information on how you can get involved. We also welcome direct contact from volunteers with offers of help. Just drop a line to john@lewesfc.com