About us:

Our ethos

Fixture board outside the Dripping Pan showing

Our club is 100% fan owned, not-for-profit, people-powered.

Our ethos

Football is great, but there’s a lot of stuff wrong with it, like, a lot.

So we see ourselves as having two jobs. Of course, one is to play brilliant football, win trophies and bring joy to our fans. But the other is to help to change the bad stuff in football, the inequality, the rubbish governance and obscene mis-distribution of resources. And because football is so insanely popular, changing football can genuinely help change the world.

Lewes FC is a not-for-profit Community Benefit Society governed by these Lewes Community FC Rules

The first gender
equal club in
the world.

How we're different

“It’s impossible” they said. So we did it. In 2017, we equalised the playing budgets and resources we allocate to our men’s and women’s teams. Equality FC was born. Same budgets, same marketing, same facilities, same stadium, you get the idea. And it feels really good. And guess what? Since making this move, our attendances have increased, Owner numbers have increased, sponsorships have increased and media coverage has sky-rocketed. Turns out that ‘different’ works. And this kind of different will work in other clubs and other industries. That’s the power of equality. Don’t believe us? Well, we’ve got a deck of slides and some neat training courses that we’re just itching to share with you maggie@lewesfc.com.

(Really) More than a football club.

Football for Good

Let’s be honest, we didn’t invent the idea of football clubs doing good stuff in their communities and for charity. But how many clubs can say that doing this is a core purpose of their existence? Did you know that Lewes FC is constituted as a Community Benefit Society so using football for good is literally written into our DNA. This is not a fire drill, we’re doing it for real.