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Lewes FC Juniors was formed by George Feltham and Paddy Graffin (ex Portsmouth and Cambridge players) around 40 years ago.

Until 2017, the club was known as Lewes Bridge View, but a growing partnership between Bridge View and Lewes FC saw them formally adopt the new name of Lewes FC Juniors.

The Juniors have teams from U8 through to U18 and cater (of course) for boys and girls alike. If you want to end up playing for Lewes FC, then starting young with the Juniors is a great way to do it. And players do sometimes make it through beyond Lewes FC to professional football too, for example, David Wheeler, now at Wycombe Wanderers.

Lewes FC Juniors’ home pitches are at Malling Field.

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How you can help

Can you spare some time to help The Rooks? If you want to help your Club on match days or behind the scenes, come and join our dedicated band of volunteers who give their time and skills to make match days run smoothly, and keep the Pan safe and shipshape.

We depend and rely on our volunteers and value them greatly. You can help with as many or as few matches as you can – every contribution helps. We’re looking for match day volunteers for all of our sides, including:

  • Turnstile Operators – selling tickets through the turnstiles ahead of kick-off
  • Fundraisers – helping to sell ownerships, raffle tickets and Golden Goal tickets
  • Boardroom Hospitality – greeting and serving tea to the VIPs, visitors and Directors, which is a great way to get an insight behind the scenes and hear stories from other clubs.

It’s not only on match days that we need your help – there’s loads more that goes on throughout the week and your expertise and knowledge can help us save the cost of hiring contractors. Jobs include (but are not limited to):

  • Grounds – clearing the grounds of rubbish, sorting for recycling
  • Gardening – clearing weeds in the areas around the pitch
  • Repairing or replacing woodwork/fencing
  • Electrical work
  • Painting and decorating

You can find out more, or offer to volunteer, by contacting Shrey at shrey@lewesfc.com

Lewes Community Football Club — Come and join our team! Help do your bit to write history (or at least paint it).

Come and join our team! Help do your bit to write history (or at least paint it).

Our volunteers

Looking after the Dripping Pan on matchdays and in-between is a constant thing. We have volunteering opportunities of every kind, requiring all sorts of skills and experience. From maintenance to marketing and all stops in-between. On matchdays, we need turnstile operators, stewards and people to welcome fans. Email us today. shrey@lewesfc.com

Thursday Maintenance Volunteers

See you this Thursday?

The Dripping Pan is one of the biggest community assets in Lewes and requires constant maintenance. Our 3G manager Terry Morton oversees a group of volunteers every Thursday, who chip in with fixing, painting, mending and bending all parts of the ground.

The Maintenance Volunteers meet every Thursday from 11am and enjoy a good natter and a cup of tea (with biscuits!) while helping to make the Dripping Pan the safe, accessible ground we all love. If you’d like to help out and make new friends email terence.morton@gmail.com for more information, or pop down this Thursday! All ages and abilities welcome.

Lewes Community Football Club — Thursday Maintenance Volunteers