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Our impact

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At Lewes FC we do things differently — find out how.

Our impact in the community

On the pitch, we can easily measure our impact by goals and League position. But what we do off the pitch is part of who we are too. Whether it’s facilitating football sessions for different parts of our community, players delivering medicine and food to vulnerable local people or our campaigning work against inequality and bad governance, we are, to our core, a community club.

How we have made a difference this year.

Impact report

We try and get through a lot of good stuff every year so, to help us evaluate it all, we produce an annual Impact Report that shows the depth and range of our off-the-pitch work. And it’s all gloriously designed by our friends at Playing Field.

Download our impact report 2022-23

Want to see how it compares to the previous year? Here is the Impact Report from 2021-22. “How did we do?” against our 21-22 strategy.

Obviously, very happy to have feedback and very happy to have any support you can offer.

Here’s our CEO’s email address maggie@lewesfc.com

You can also read our Fan Survey from 22-23 to see their feedback.