Lewes FC celebrates 8 July with more Community Tickets – Lewes Community Football Club

Lewes FC celebrates 8 July with more Community Tickets

Lewes FC celebrates 8 July with more Community Tickets

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Written by: Joe

8 July is a special day for Lewes FC. Not only is it the day the club became community owned back in 2010, it is also the birthday of #EqualityFC, the campaign by which Lewes introduced gender equality to a sport still largely dominated by men.

The club was mutualised by six fans back in 2010. Their core agenda was to create value for their community of owners. Defining itself as a community asset, the club wanted to welcome everyone through its doors.

Memberships quickly grew and, in 2017, Lewes FC became the first football club in the world to equally resource its male and female teams. Equality FC was born.

To mark these auspicious anniversaries this 8 July, Lewes FC are relaunching our Community Tickets scheme with more tickets available for those who can’t afford to enjoy live football. Tickets include a hot meal and a drink.

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The club believes that football should be for everyone. Unfortunately, the cost of living means for some watching live sport is a luxury.

That’s why the Rooks have launched more Community Tickets for the 2024/25 season. Fans can purchase these tickets when buying their own tickets, which automatically gifts a free ticket to someone in need, or as a one-off gift here. The club is working with local foodbanks to distribute tickets and ensure everyone gets a fair chance to experience the Dripping Pan.

“The Community Tickets scheme is just one of a multitude of ways Lewes FC gives back to the community,” says director Joe Short. “We are a community-focused club that delivers high-quality men’s and women’s football on equal terms.

“Everyone deserves a chance to enjoy live football in a safe, fun environment. The Dripping Pan is one of the best stadiums in the world to feel that sense of community… and celebrate a goal or two as well!”

Lewes’ Equality FC campaign has seen the club:

• Advocate for an equal FA Cup prize fund for men and women
• Welcome ‘unwelcome women’ through its turnstiles with targeted marketing
• Win awards outside of football from the UN Women UK, to Business Culture for its impactful work
• Grow crowds for both its men’s and women’s matches
• Spearhead a groundbreaking Call Him Out campaign for male allies to champion the cause for gender equality
• Increase its ownerships to over 2,500 fans in more than 40 countries around the world
• Achieve higher sponsorship revenues on its women’s side than top-tier women’s clubs
• Gain a reputation amongst away fans for its ‘No 1 in the country’ welcome
• Achieve a grant for a 750K state-of-the-art pitch two seasons ago
• Attract staff and players with more than a simple football-focussed agenda
• Instil a great sense of pride in our communities

From our community garden to our beach huts (there are no corporate boxes at Lewes FC!), our cocktails and designated breastfeeding space, to our 8 ft statue of female pirates, Lewes FC’s home ground is a utopia for those who want football done better – Fans of Change.

As a club we’re proud of our achievements, our pioneering work, and proud of our place in a historic town of radicals, football lovers and eaters of pies and fries.

On Monday 8 July we celebrate our achievements, double down on our values, and look forward to pushing further this season, using our platform to play great football whilst agitating for change.