Football for good:

Equal prize money campaign

The FA Cup

Not very glittering prizes

The FA Cup is surely one of the world’s most famous domestic cup competitions. But unfortunately it’s also one of the most unfair when it comes to prize money.

The total fund for the men’s competition is around £16m. For women, it’s about £300,000. That’s not just wrong, it’s actually crazy as women’s teams are denied access to funds that could be transformative for their growth and the growth of the game overall. And men’s non-League clubs are similarly disadvantaged.

Our solution?

Share it round (obviously)

“But it’s the men’s matches that earns the FA all the revenue!”

Yes, but it’s the FA’s “For All” mission to share it round where its most needed.

Did you know that for more than five years, the men’s FA Cup quarter-finalists have all been Premier league clubs? That means that around £7m of the total £16m prize fund always goes to the clubs who need it least. We won’t go into detail here, but our solution involves a bit of redistribution, to better reflect the FA’s own two word vision of football being ‘For All’.


So let’s share it more fairly, both to the women’s game and to men’s non-League football. We have a plan and we shared it with the Government’s Fan-Led Review.

Let’s see what happens next…