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How would #EqualFACup prize money work for YOUR team?


⚽️ Select your team from the drop-down menu.

⚽️ Then select the Round you reached.

The prize money shown is what your team will receive under the current arrangements but also how much they would receive under Lewes’ Equal FA Cup redistribution.

Prize Per Fixture (PPF)
sees an equal amount going to every fixture, which is then weighted as teams progress.

95% of teams entering the men’s & women’s FA Cup who would have been better off this season under an equal redistribution.

Once you’ve checked out how your team or whole club would fare, hit ‘Download’ and share what you’ve found across social media, ideally adding #EqualFACup to your post.

You can find more details of Lewes FC’s proposals and why an #EqualFACup is good For All right here:




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