Community teams

Sing with us “This is the Community Benefit Society…”

There’s a team for YOU

Lewes FC is set up as a Community Benefit Society, so the clue’s in the name! We operate or facilitate a number of teams who serve specific parts of our community, helping to make sure that football really is for all and can bring its myriad benefits to everyone.

Lewes Community Football Club — Sing with us “This is the Community Benefit Society…”
Lewes Community Football Club —

Football Therapy

This is a weekly coaching/fun session on our all-weather pitch for anyone who feels their mental well being is currently not where they’d like it to be. The session caters for anyone affected by anything from anxiety to depression or other conditions and not only has a qualified football coach but also, for those who might need it, a qualified Support Worker, thanks to Southdown Trust. Find out more by emailing

Vets teams

Men’s and women’s teams for the older player; the minimum age is 35yrs old but there are many players in their 50’s and beyond too. And there is a wide range of abilities too so anyone can feel very welcome. To find out more about the Men’s Vets, here’s their very own website and for the Women’s Vets, contact Saskia at

Lewes Community Football Club —
Lewes Community Football Club —

Women’s Walking Football

So, you LOVE football but for whatever reason, the constant running pace of a regular session is not for you. WWF attracts a mixture of older women whose legs have (in the vernacular) ‘begun to go’ and also young women who prefer the gentler nature of these sessions. Want to know more? Contact Tash at