SisterShips Ownership offer

Lewes Community Football Club — Own a bit of Lewes FC for a bit less.

Own a bit of Lewes FC for a bit less.

save 20% off your Year 1 Ownership subscription

We LOVE having a network of like-minded organisations who are focussed on supporting women.

How can we say thank you? Well, how about a money-saving offer for those of you who are thinking of signing up as Lewes FC owners…

Everything you need to know about Lewes FC ownership is on our ‘Become An Owner‘ page. But when you’re ready to sign up (for a £50 annual Ownership share), come back to this page and hit the button at the bottom. That way, you’ll get £10 off your first year’s price, cutting the cost to just £40.

When the renewal comes up, you will then revert to the annual £50 price. You could of course just cancel at that point, but we hope you don’t. And you can even upgrade at any point to our £100 OwnerPlus level where the extra £50 goes towards upkeep of our historic ground and Revolutionary HQ, The Dripping Pan. We’ve been playing there since 1885 so it does need regular work.

Great to have you on board!

SisterShips Ownership