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Scott Currie

Scott Currie

Written by: Stuart

I have always been a ‘fan’ of Lewes FC from afar, until now.

I set up my business 2 years ago, giving me freedom to focus on my passions, and to approach those that I want to align with now, following 10 years of office management of up to 19 people.

I thank Instagram for aligning me with Karen Dobres, who I first met in February of this year – the passion shown for the club will always remain with me, and her different focus / take on things really appealed. She also introduced me to the Vets set-up, of which I am eternally grateful.

From there, I met with Charlie Dobres, discussing the clubs plans for expansion and improved facilities next to the 3G; my architecture practice helping the early stages with drawings and ideas.

I have been playing with the Vets ever since, which opened my eyes to the scale and coverage this club undertakes. It has given me a ‘to-the-grave’ football career, one that I thought was well and truly finished, along with some wonderful friendships.

I am a husband and a father to two daughters (Isobel, 6, who is the face of the home kit on the website, and Nella, 8 weeks) – a ‘Dadvocate’ as I have heard it called…Izzy has experienced Rookie kickers which is another wonderful set up needing a lot of support – the work the likes of Rhian Cleverly and Sophie O’Rourke do is commendable, tackling stereotypes in football from a young age.

In September, Karen provided the Rook Inn for this year’s Artwave, where I exhibited artwork titled ‘Colours of Equality’, publicising the fact that this club is resetting the narrative around gender in football, attracting new visitors to the ground in the meantime.

Recently, and again through Karen, I was introduced to Elliot Rae, Author of the ‘Dad’ book and founder of ‘Music, Football, Fatherhood’ (MFF), a space for new Dads to reflect on what can be a challenge. I was invited up to QPR’s football ground to engage in discussions which will air on the BBC in January 2022.

In summary, I am a ‘football person’, I always have been, and a position on this board would mean that I am able to continue what I have already experienced here, but in a more meaningful capacity.

It’s always about the new discussion for me; this could be about your ideas and concerns that help move Lewes FC forward, or simply being that someone who is approachable on match days or throughout the week for you.

Professionally I have 20+ years experience in dealing with clients, Councils and decision makers, so feel I am well placed to engage with all of you on all subjects.

My love for what Lewes FC has to offer is not just for me, it’s about family; my own, and then the 500+ family that pack this amazing ground.


A copy of Scott’s election address can be found here.