Will Salmon and Tom Champion urge you to Call Him Out – Lewes Community Football Club

Will Salmon and Tom Champion urge you to Call Him Out

Will Salmon and Tom Champion urge you to Call Him Out

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Written by: Jack

This week, we re-launched our Call Him Out campaign aimed at kicking sexism and misogyny out of society.

The fight is not over, and we need to continue in our goal to kick it out of football and society.

We are very lucky to have a fantastic group of players in our men’s team that all want to be a part of this campaign.

So, when anyone in the men’s team (and managers, and coaches) hears or sees something said or done by a workmate, family member, friend or anyone they’re with, that they feel is disrespectful, sexist or harmful in any way to a woman, whether she’s there or not, they will speak to that man and they will #CallHimOut.

A year on from the campaign we decided to catch up with Will Salmon and Tom Champion to discuss the importance to #CallHimOut.

“I think it is massively important for us to reflect what society is doing and move forward in all ways really. For us to be able to represent society as it should be, we’ve got to be sure we are up to speed whether that’s at football or in everyday life.” Said Will speaking passionately about wanting this change.

Similarly, Tom echoed these thoughts: “It’s very important, not just as a footballer but just as a human being it’s never nice to hear any kinds of derogatory comments, sexist comments, not nice information regarding a person, player, or human being.”

“So as a society I believe the world needs to be a little nicer to each other, and I think that if football can help start to kick it out things like sexism in the game, then great.

“I think this sort of campaign and can only help to do that because it’s the type of awareness that everyone needs, and I think everyone knows that football can be a powerful tool. For the club to do this is very proactive and probably leads the way in that kind of message.”

Moreover, Tom hopes this campaign can help educate people and the language they use.

“Sexism shouldn’t be accepted, and as much as it is prevalent in everyday society, at football games it seems sometimes there’s a bubble where you can just say what you want.

“I do think that we are moving on, I do think the message is getting bigger and that people are moving on, and this sort of campaign can only help move things forward more.”

Tom is captain at Lewes and with that, he tells us the responsibility he feels with this campaign.

“I would like to think, that if I saw something serious like sexism, whether that’s in the workplace or on the pitch, I would take a stance and call it out.

“I’ve played at a lot of grounds as a home player, and Lewes does have a nice atmosphere in the ground and in the build-up, fans support the team.”

Adding to Tom’s words, Will gave us his remaining thoughts and his desire to Call Him Out.

“Lewes is such a fantastic club, not only for the way it conducts itself, but the campaigns like this that is uses for social change. I love playing at the Pan, knowing that no matter what, we’re going to be clapped off the pitch.

“Sexism and misogyny, however, is unfortunately still present in society and as a man I have a responsibility call out violence or sexism towards women. It is never okay and as a senior member of the squad, I’m pledging to call it out.”

“I think it’s important for fans to see us back these campaigns as ultimately, we should set an example. The more people you can get behind it and driving it forward the better and hopefully people take notice.”

This is something that every man can do, and it will make a difference to women’s everyday lives.

Will you join us? #CallHimOut.