Welcome to our new Directors! – Lewes Community Football Club

Welcome to our new Directors!

Welcome to our new Directors!

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Written by: Jack

We are happy to announce our seven Directors that were successful in our recent Election. 

Six of them are new faces with Trevor Wells remaining on the board, who was up for re-election to serve another term.

Results of the Lewes FC Board of Directors Election:

Trevor Wells
Successfully standing for re-election, Trevor brings continuity to the new-look Board of Directors, serving his now second-term.

In his pitch for re-election, ‘stability and continuity’ was what he believed should keep him on with several long-standing directors coming to the end of their terms.

“I joined the Board during the Covid-19 Pandemic when our ability to come to the Dripping Pan and enjoy a great game of Football was mostly curtailed.

“It was my aim when then elected as a director to help return the Pan to a vibrant theatre of football and a community asset and thanks to the brilliant team of staff, players and volunteers we have attracted to the club we have achieved some measure of success on this front.”

Jen Kerrison
The Australian-born, Jen, brings to the board a wealth of experience in media and comms, directing, producing, and creating recorded content across, TV, Radio, Film, Advertising and Online. She even won an Emmy Award in 2015 as a producer for the documentary, ‘Notes on Blindness’.

“I am skilled at getting in the room and in conversation with hard-to-reach institutions and organisations, and with individuals who may have very strong gatekeepers.

“I take a listen-first approach and I would be glad to work with the directors, staff, players and player management towards the success of our great club.”

Tom McJennett
Tom is local to Lewes and is also Managing Director of Ventures at Two Circles Sport Marketing Agency. With over 150 leading sports entities, he brings with him a wealth of experience in the sports marketing world.

“It goes without saying that football is at an exciting inflection point and Lewes FC is very much part of that journey.

“We are perfectly positioned to disrupt and define the future of the women’s game and we must do so with Lewes FC’s integrity.

“I believe my expertise in the development and management of sports organisations would be valuable in the next chapter and I would hope to support the club in its growth, whilst safeguarding what matters most to the club, the community.”

Ben Hall
Ben is another from a TV industry background is a passionate member of Lewes FC Vets.

Joining the board, Ben is keen to work closely with the Lewes community with the ambition of ensuring the club sticks to its community roots.

“I love this town, I love this community, I love this football club and everything it stands for and I look forward to joining the board to help the club move positively into the next chapter of its story. Thank you.”

Joe Short
Joe is an experienced Sports Journalist and media professional who hopes to support, Jack, Stef and Shrey in the comms, commercial and fan-engagement space.

Similarly to Ben, he also wants to deepen the club’s links to its local community and support local projects.

“My wife and I have lived in Lewes for the last three years. One of the reasons we feel comfortable and accepted here – so much so that we’ve started a family! – is Lewes FC.

“The club is a cornerstone of a town that champions the right things about football and life: fairness, equality, openness and shared responsibility.”

Stan Lahood
Stan is an avid supporter of the club home & away where you might also know him by ‘Lewes Clamour’ on social media.

With his social media presence, he has tried to increase fan-engagement and now elected onto the board, this is something he hopes to continue on a deeper level.

“I am eager to learn, and I will try my hardest to do what’s best for the club, and most importantly, for the fans, as I’d like to make a difference for the hundreds of people on the terraces that turn up week in, week out.”

Steve Watts
Steve is a passionate member of the Lewes community and has supported the club for over 30 years.

He has a clear vision of how he wants to help the club deliver on its community targets.

“I’ve watched over 500 home games – standing, for most of them, in the same place! I’ve also attended dozens of away games, including the historic game against Stoke City in the FA Cup.

“My primary reason for standing for the board is that I believe there is work to do to re-invigorate and strengthen the club’s links with the immediate Lewes community and I am in a strong position to help build those relationships.”


Well done to all that have have been elected and a big thank you to everyone who stood for election! Of course, a thank you as always to our Owners who voted.

We would also like to thank, Ed Briggs who chose not to stand for re-election, and also Lucy Mills and Willa Bailey who have stepped down.