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Update on Scott J Currie

Update on Scott J Currie

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Written by: Jack

The Lewes FC Board are to provide an update, having reviewed Scott Currie’s interaction on social media in accordance with the Club’s Policy.

Explanations from Scott have been received, regarding methods that Scott uses when interacting on social media platforms, both professionally and personally and his use of the ‘like’ button. He has expressed that such methods are not intended to imply any personally held opinions but to bookmark subjects that he has an interest

However, by bookmarking threads in this way his intentions are likely to be misunderstood and do not follow the requirements of the Club’s Social Media Policy.

Scott has expressed his apologies and regret at the way the situation has unfolded. That said, at no point did Scott write down an explicit sentence or paragraph, or
purposefully share the words or images of others that would be viewed as derogatory or discriminatory.

Scott had previously notified his intention to step away from the board at the forthcoming AGM due to professional and family commitments on his time that are not allowing him to provide the required commitment and attention demanded by the role.

Scott has now confirmed that he would like his resignation to take immediate effect.