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Unlock The Gate – THE BIG MATCH

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In February 1918, women in the UK finally got the right to vote (though at first it was only property-owning women over thirty years old).

Lewes FC Women are dedicating their FA Women’s Premier League match on February 25th to celebrating the centenary of this event.

We have created our own campaign to #UnlockTheGate to get as many women as possible (guys are welcome too) to come along and support our fantastic women’s football team and help us build a whole new audience for women’s football. 

Because, for too long, ‘they’ have said “Well, until you get big crowds along to women’s football, TV companies, sponsors and the media won’t lend their support.” But we think this is self-perpetuating BS. 

Women’s football is starved of media coverage and sponsorship compared to the men’s game so therefore doesn’t have the money to invest in building the game even further and, guess what, that means the media and sponsors won’t support a sport that has small crowds. And on and on it goes. To stop it going on FOREVER, please come and show your support and help us #UnlockTheGate.

Doors open at 12:30pm on the day and there will be kids’ activities, hot food & drink and other fun stuff to do. The match itself kicks off at 2pm at the Dripping Pan in Lewes. Yes, the SAME ground where our men’s team play because Lewes FC is the home of the EqualityFC campaign to have women’s football treated and supported exactly the same as the men’s game.

You can find out more about EqualityFC here.

If you’ve never been to 

a) Lewes FC before, or

b) a Lewes FC Women’s match before or even

c) Any kind of football match (ever) then take a look at this brief video that will tell you what to expect…