Tim Bradshaw: “I’ll bring enthusiasm and energy” – Lewes Community Football Club

Tim Bradshaw: “I’ll bring enthusiasm and energy”

Tim Bradshaw: “I’ll bring enthusiasm and energy”

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Written by: Jack

Incoming Director, Tim Bradshaw, has spoke for the first time ahead of his election recently. 

“I was over the moon to be fair!” said a delighted Tim on the back of the election.

“I was so surprised because it was such a strong group of candidates, a really impressive group of people.

“With only three places to fill I thought well I’ll give it a go and that’s good in itself but to actually be selected I was really quite amazed. But over the moon of course.”

Tim moved to Brighton in 2012 at a time where fan ownership was very new at Lewes and was gifted an ownership from his wife after attending games with his son-in-law.

He started volunteering for the club only this year and it was there, that the idea to stand for election came.

“They announced there was elections for directors and getting chatting to people around the ground, a few said I should go for it!

“I’m here regularly for the football but I am also here for the social change agenda as well. It is what drew me to the club in the first place, what was beginning to happen here.

“That ultimately is what made me become a fan of the football here so the two things have always intertwined a bit. I believe in the club and what it is trying to do, which is what has led me here.”

So what will Tim bring to the club as a Director?

“I think I’ll bring enthusiasm and energy. I real enthusiasm for the football and the social change. I love speaking with everyone associated with the club, because the vibe amongst everyone involved is so positive.

“I have an ability to connect with people, I think, I see myself very much as a people person. Whether its other directors, external stakeholders or anyone coming to the club, I think I can connect with them.

“I also have a real background in coaching, not so much on the football side, I’ll leave that to Tony and Scott! But the more general sense of coaching people to be their best.

“My day job is with the University of Sussex as a careers’ coach, coaching people to manage their careers effectively, that’s quite important for the playing staff which I think I can bring to the table.

“I know that some of the people who put me forward as a director, saw me as someone who could be the voice of the fan on the terrace.”

Lastly, Tim gives us an insight into what he finds special about Lewes and his hopes for the future.

“It’s definitely the people that makes us so unique, it’s all well and good having the ethos that we do but ultimately, it’s the people that make it happen.

“The future of the club is the need to succeed on multiple fronts and in a way that’s sustainable. I don’t just mean environmentally, which is something also that needs to be addressed, but we need to be sustainable in our football and all areas of the club that support each other.

“My journey within that I hope to be bringing people together, representing people’s views, reaching consensus, thinking strategically but also remembering the people involved.”