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The Offside Rule and all that jazz

The Offside Rule and all that jazz

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Written by: Jack

This is for you if you’re intrigued by football, however, don’t know too much and would like to know more. If this isn’t you, please pass this on to anyone you may think of who perhaps isn’t what society perceives as a ‘traditional football fan’.

At Lewes FC we’ve attracted new audiences to the beautiful game. Many come to our matches who have never followed football before, but want to support our brand of football with purpose and all we do to make football a fairer business.

Some newer fans have asked that we explain the rules of the game so that they can better understand the action on the pitch.

So we gather in our club house – The Rook Inn – and members of Lewes FC explain why it’s a throw-in, what constitutes a foul, how does the offside rule work, what is a centre-back, and how come refs have such bad eyesight. Players also talk us through the mysteries of tactics, formations, and how to be a great Twelfth Man or Woman.

Coming up we have our FA Cup themed evening, with Lewes FC’s own Nat Haigh. Nat will talk you through our experience in the FA Cup this year and will answer any questions you may.

Also in attendance and your hosts for the evening are Karen Dobres, former Lewes FC director and Equality Activist and Stef McLoughlin, Commercial Manager at Lewes FC.

Join us for an informal hour in which we gently decode football and where no question is too silly.

All are welcome to attend this free and informative session, and the bar will be open.


Also on the night… we will have on offer, our commemorative FA Cup shirts! Stock on the shirts are very limited and were designed by the incredible people at Art of Football.