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Take the Daz FM Challenge

Take the Daz FM Challenge

Club news

Think you could do better than Darren Freeman’s 99 points and promotion in this season’s Bostik South? Then prove it and help us raise money for the 12th Man Fund!

We’re launching the Daz FM Challenge. It works like this:

We’ve edited a special non-league database for Football Manager 2018 (PC or Mac, not mobiles), including player photos. We’ve fully edited the Lewes squad so that it’s accurate for the players that the club ended the season with.

The challenge is this: manage Lewes for the 2017/18 season, using the exact same players Darren had in his squad, and see if you can beat his points tally. You’re not allowed to add to the squad and you’re not allowed to edit the database. You can promote players from the DS and 18s squads (note these players aren’t actual Lewes FC players).

If you beat Darren’s points tally of 99, send a screenshot of your final league table to barry@lewesfc.com and we’ll enter you into a draw for a Lewes FC shirt signed by none other than the gaffer himself. And you can be our guest for the first game of next season to collect your prize.

How to enter

We’re inviting you to make a minimum donation of £10 to the 12th Man Fund. We’re not going to check you’ve paid before letting you download the database – we’ll leave that to your conscience! If you just want to play with the database, we’d ask for a minimum donation of £5.

To download the database, open Steam on your computer, click Community in the top menu and then Worskhop. Search for Football Manager 2018 and then search for “Lewes” – you should see a result for Lewes by Behind The Data, as shown below.

Click on the Lewes icon and then click Subscribe.

Now open Football Manager 2018 and start a new career. When you come to choose a database, make sure you select Lewes from the Editor data files, as below:

Now select Advanced Setup and on the screen where you have to select the playable leagues, make sure you select (at least) Regional First Divisions and above:

Now complete the setup as you would an ordinary game, obviously making sure you pick Lewes as the team to manage!

How to download the face pack

You don’t have to use the face pack to play the game or enter the challenge, but if you want to see the faces of the real Lewes players, follow these instructions:

Click here to download the Lewes FC face pack

For the graphics to appear in game they will need to be
placed into;


FM: DocumentsSports InteractiveFootball Manager 2018graphicsfaces


the folders “graphics” and “faces” if they don’t exist.


Football Manager 2018 and go to Preferences > Interface.


the “Clear Cache” button. Return to the same screen.


“Reload skin when confirming changes in Preferences”.


the “Reload Skin” button. 


should be a box that pops up saying ‘loading image data for the new skin’. Once
this is done, the facepack should work in the game.

Closing date

The closing date for the challenge is August 1st. You can play the season as many times as you like.

Big thanks to Matt Strong, Kev Brook and Ross Goodey for their work on the database and facepack.