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Rooks held by Coventry

Rooks held by Coventry

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Written by: Jack

Lewes were held at home by a fighting Coventry United on Sunday afternoon who despite grabbing a point, were unable to secure their Championship status. 

It was frustrating game which saw Lewes start the more dominating and attacking side. The Rooks caused trouble for Coventry’s backline in the first two minutes of play, with Rebecca Mckenna and Ellie Mason creating chances early on but unable to convert them.

Amber Keegan-Stobbs fired in a tidy low ball into the bottom of the goal in the 10th minute, striking the ball straight past Khiara Keating who had no other option but to stand there and watch.

Coventry kept on applying pressure with Izzie Goodwin creating a flurry of chances, but The Rooks managed to muddle through and shut them down.

Grace Palmer had a cracking chance in the 25th minute who managed to dance herself around the coventry backline and into the box but the ball striked the side post and was pushed away by Keating.

Lewes fully tested Keating’s goalkeeping abilities throughout the first half when multiple chances in quick succession came firing straight her way.

Coventry fought incredibly hard in the first half, pressing high and hard at times, trying particularly hard to break down and open up Lewes’s defence.

Aqsa Mushtaq looked like a real threat to Coventry at times causing havoc for their defence. Mushtaq had a real chance but she just lost her footing in the box.

McKenna managed to break away and had a real promising chance but a mighty tackle from Megan Alexander on Mckenna’s left stopped her in her tracks.

Goodwin scored the equaliser in the 32nd minute for Coventry after a muddle up in the passing for Lewes’s  backline left Sophie Whitehouse exposed and allowed Goodwin to run away with the ball and find the back of the net.

Whitehouse had a big save on the brink of halftime after United upped the pressure again who looked determined to grab a second goal.

The restart started right where the second half ended, with The Rooks on the attack straight away.

Ellie Mason had a chance in the 53nd minute after managing to find space and weave around the Coventry players, but Keating was on form and denied her the opportunity.

Scott Booth’s side were again the more dominating in the second half, creating and setting the tempo of the game and attacking hard against a very tired Coventry.

Despite the majority of the second half being played in Coventry’s end, Lewes were unable to break through and convert any of their chances as Coventry’s keeper and backline defended that goal like their lives depended on it.

It was a hard fought and well deserved point for both sides at Dripping Pan.

We wish Coventry United all the best and hope they bounce straight back.

It’s international break for the Rooks now and we return to the Pan on Sunday 16 April for a midday KO with Blackburn Rovers. Tickets here.

Photo credit: James Boyes