Priscilla Aldridge joins Board of Directors – Lewes Community Football Club

Priscilla Aldridge joins Board of Directors

Priscilla Aldridge joins Board of Directors

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Written by: Jack

Priscilla Aldridge has joined Lewes FC as a new Director, having been co-opted onto the board in recent weeks. Co-opted positions are board-appointed roles where there is a skills or experience gap.

They are appointed for a 12-month term that can be renewed. Priscilla has been a proud owner and fan of Lewes for many years, and we are delighted to welcome her on board. 

Priscilla has a long history working in democratic, governance and management roles within John Lewis Partnership, whose parallels to Lewes FC in being purpose-driven and Partner-owned will benefit the club in strengthening our processes, policies and internal governance. 

Priscilla has a long history of collaborating with the club, leading on Partnership activations and workshops at John Lewis, and you may recognise her from a starring role in our kit launch video last year.  

Priscilla said, “It feels incredible to join the board. I have a deep love for Lewes FC and want to contribute more.

“I’ve been working at John Lewis nearly 10 years and worked several roles in the business including our Democratic Vitality function which is all about how we run our business based on democratic principles and supporting the democratic structures and elected representatives.

“One project I worked on in the last couple of years was the sensitive restoration of the Partnership’s Purpose, and how to activate that in the 21st century. I now work as an Independent Advisor and I’m looking forward to bringing this experience to support the club”

The club would like to issue a warm welcome to Priscilla.