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Play at The Pan!

Play at The Pan!

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Written by: Jack

Ever dreamt about playing at the Dripping Pan?  Well join us for a unique opportunity to play at the famous Dripping Pan!

By booking the pitch you will not only have an incredible day out, but you will also be supporting the club, and helping to promote ‘Equality FC’ and ‘Football for Good.’

Here’s a few things you may not know about our unique, bucket list stadium!

– Featured as one of the best, most interesting stadiums in Remarkable Football Grounds and British Football’s Favourite Grounds

– There is so much to see and explore, quirky beach huts, female pirate statues and a pitch side community garden.

– Lewes FC is the only professional club in the world that shares its resources equally between its men’s and women’s teams. This means the Dripping Pan is home to both first men and women’s teams.

– Consistently voted the best away day for visiting fans chosen by the Huffington Post.

– The Dripping Pan is one of the oldest football grounds in the world, with the clubhouse ‘The Rook Inn’ dating back to Victorian times.

Available Dates: 2nd of May to 21st of May 2023
Price: £1,000 + VAT
What’s included: The pitch, two dressing rooms and the bar.
How to book: Contact Stef at 

Check out our latest documentary to get you excited: