Not Just Hot Flushes’ – Menopause Awareness at the Pan – Lewes Community Football Club

Not Just Hot Flushes’ – Menopause Awareness at the Pan

Not Just Hot Flushes’ – Menopause Awareness at the Pan


Written by: Jack

World Menopause Day is held every year on the 18th October. The purpose of the day is to raise awareness of the menopause and the support options available for improving health and wellbeing.

As a feminist club, we feel it is important to be part of the discussion and therefore, to coincide with the day, we are running an awareness campaign in collaboration with Ancient + Brave, a Sussex based supplement company.

As part of our ‘Not Just Hot Flushes’ campaign we asked our fans to help us out with two very important questions. This is how they answered:

What do you wish your younger self had known about the menopause?

  • -There are so many symptoms and my menopause is unique to me
    -That it needs managing, just like any other change
  • -All the symptoms, there are so many, I had no clue!
  • -Menopause can give you anxiety

What do you think a supportive partner should know about the menopause?

  • – It’s not a ‘one size fits all’. There are so many symptoms to the menopause
  • – A person’s needs change. They might need more sleep, more protein, more of the duvet!
  • – How your symptoms can affect your daily life, mentally and physically
  • – Menopause can lead to mood swings

Dr. Jenna Macciochi, Head of Innovation at Ancient + Brave gave us their three top tips on navigating menopause:

There are so many different things that will help support and nourish your body to help naturally balance symptoms caused by declining and fluctuating hormones.

Diet: It’s so important to understand how nutrition plays a key role in nourishing and balancing symptoms of menopause. Try including fatty fish twice a week for omega 3 which has a favourable impact in supporting brain chemistry especially important for those experiencing brain fog and low mood. This is also an important source of protein which is so important for maintaining healthy muscles and balancing blood sugar which can help reduce irritability and low mood.

Supplements: Taking collagen daily really can help support our bodies throughout perimenopause and menopause because of its unique whole-body health-enhancing properties. It helps support the appearance of the skin helping to mitigate some of the negative effects of declining hormones. It also reduces joint stiffness, aches and discomfort. It can also aid in slowing the breakdown of bone mass which is an important consideration during menopause as declining hormones can increase the risk for osteoporosis.

Lifestyle: Physical activity stimulates bone health, helps preserve muscle mass and plays a role in regulating hormones. As well as a healthy diet and active lifestyle, sleep is a powerful way to help manage hormonal changes.  Prioritising restorative sleep is crucial to support overall well-being. Poor quality sleep can contribute to ‘brain fog’ and can also be a key trigger of irritability, low mood, anxiety and even depression. It can also have a huge impact on the appearance and health of our skin.

Ancient + Brave will be in attendance this weekend and will be sponsoring both our men’s and women’s home matches, supporting our amazing teams from the sidelines.

Also in attendance on Sunday, we have invited Hot Women FC, a local recreational football team who are advocates of the menopause and who encourage older women to play football.

We hope that you, our fans also help us to pass on the very important message… ‘not just hot flushes’.