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NEW ‘Lewes FC Specials’ Shop

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In a major expansion of his retail empire, ClubShop Barry has announced a THIRD outlet.

Remember this classic, from 2016?

The brand new Lewes FC Specials shop.

This is where Barry will be trying out new and wonderful club merchandising ideas, using our full range of designs, such as posters, the iconic Rookie and other stuff we haven’t even thought of yet. Plus, some seminal designs from past seasons…

Be sure to check in every week though as new lines will come and go fast and limited editions will pop up too. This is the science of retail and no one knows the formula better than Barry.

Replica shirts, hats, scarves and all the classic favourites will continue to be on sale at the regular Club Shop (when open) and Online Shop.

“If my mum could see how far I’ve come, she’d be so proud” commented Barry.

Barry and his special friend He Man

So, we phoned Sharon and asked her. “I’m so proud of Barry” she confirmed. “When he was five, he would play shop with his He Man and a cardboard box, but I never thought he’d go on to have a chain of high quality merchandise outlets.”

a cardboard box

Sir Philip Green was unavailable for comment.

As the football club looks to alternative sources of revenue in these tough times, we are hoping that Barry’s new venture is a big success. Please support him (and the club) and have a look round the new store.