New Matchday Posterboy in Town – Lewes Community Football Club

New Matchday Posterboy in Town

New Matchday Posterboy in Town

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Written by: Joe

We are delighted to shout out Lewes FC owner Steve Howell, who will be taking on the women’s matchday posters for this season.

Steve’s poster design for our first home game of the Women’s Championship season on Sunday 28 August is centred on fans’ favourite Rhian “Captain” Cleverly, and her big on-pitch voice and personality.

Steve is the Executive Creative Director of a London-based advertising agency and has nearly 20 years’ experience in the industry, having worked in both London and New York during his career.

He’s made some well-known and some probably less-well-known but equally effective advertising campaigns for global brands, picking up numerous international creative awards along the way.

‘I wanted to draw on the sense of community’
Originally hailing from Wakefield, West Yorkshire, he currently resides in North London with his wife and young daughter. For this season’s match posters, Steve has collaborated with his friend and designer Cris Jones to help bring his concepts to life.

“I’ve been involved in the marketing of the women’s game for many years through my professional career, and through that I had begun following Lewes FC, admiring the incredible ethos they have established within the game,” says Steve.

“So when I saw that there was the opportunity to create the match posters for the club, the creative juices were immediately stirred and it was a project I desperately wanted to be involved in.

“The inspiration for each poster comes directly from the players themselves. Each one dramatises a player’s elite skill, playing attributes and unique personality, to give the viewer a greater sense of affinity for that individual.

“I wanted to draw on the sense of community that this inspiring club is built upon and enable an even closer connection between fans and players, whilst creating something visually distinctive, playful and ultimately iconic.”

HERO sponsors
We would also like to thank HERO for sponsoring this season’s women’s matchday posters. Founder of Hero and Lewes FC owner Simon Dent said: “We are very happy to be sponsoring the Lewes FC posters for the 2022/23 season.

“Having moved to the area a few years ago I, my family and the HERO team have fallen in love with the club. We see this as a first step to working more closely with the club.”

Finally, we’d like to acknowledge the other owners who applied, in particular, Arthur and Mark Griffin, both of whom made brilliant designs. We have asked both to help out with graphic design from time to time, so we’re sure you’ll see some of their work popping up!