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LewesFC supports #WhatIf campaign

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Steve Brinkhurst & Vicky Carleton

Lewes FC’s men’s and women’s teams will take to the field for the new
season proudly wearing the #WhatIf motif on their shirts.

#WhatIf is a campaign, created by Women In Football and Synergy, in
which businesses, celebrities and members of the public have been
asked to identify one way they can take action to contribute to
an improvement for women and girls within the football industry,
however large or small.

From journalists willing to mentor aspiring writers
to national newspapers offering work placements; from legal
firms creating new opportunities for sports lawyers to coaches
offering to share their expertise with girls teams; from parents pledging to
take their children to both men’s and women’s matches this season to the
Michael Carrick Foundation hosting a football boot amnesty; from Judy Murray
offering to share her experiences at a WiF event to tennis legend Billie Jean
King adding her support – the #WhatIf campaign has struck a chord world-wide.

In 2017, Lewes FC became the first (and currently only) football club to
have equal playing budgets and equal facilities for its women’s and men’s
teams, under the banner of EqualityFC. The club is showing its backing for
#WhatIf by dedicating its home shirt to the campaign for the first two months
of the season.

Matheson, Development/Marketing Manager for Lewes FC Women commented
: “There is
a clear crossover between the aims of #WhatIf and our own #EqualityFC campaign
for equal pay and treatment for women footballers. We hope that by showing our
support, we can boost what Women In Football have already achieved.

“Women’s football is on the cusp of a huge leap forward and we will
continue to do everything we can to build the women’s game.”

Women In
Football said
: “This is a fantastic, innovative move by Lewes FC
and we are proud to be working with the club on this initiative. Lewes FC has
been at the forefront of promoting and advocating equality, and they have gone
the extra mile in putting their words into action.

“We are delighted that both the men’s and women’s shirts will have the
#WhatIf logo on their shirts, increasing the visibility of the campaign and
playing their part in helping us to change the landscape of the football

Lisa Parfitt, Managing Director of Synergy said: “When we
conceptualised the #WhatIf campaign alongside Women In Football, we were
challenging the world of sport to open more doors to women. In Lewes FC, we
have a partner with a proven record of not just opening doors, but breaking
them down. Being able to bring these two equality powerhouses together under
the banner of #WhatIf provides football with a strike force no deadline day
could bring together.

“ Lewes FC’s success was a joy to behold last season and this
temporary partnership is a clear indication of their intention to pick up where
they left off – topping tables with both on the pitch and off the pitch performance,
a sponsor’s dream package.”

If you would like to make a pledge, either individually or as an organisation, or would simply like more details on how to do this, please contact Leanne Dingle via leanne@womeninfootball.co.uk