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Lewes FC Values Award Winners

Lewes FC Values Award Winners

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Written by: Jack

Following our game vs. Crystal Palace on Sunday, we were delighted to announce and present our inaugural Lewes FC Values Awards Winners! 

Presented by journalist and sports writer, Paul Hayward, the winners were as follows:

Grace Jones – Women’s First Team Photographer
Grace brings professionalism to our content and makes the players feel special bringing a cool new dynamic to our team with her passion and ambition. Her personality matches her work – she gets 100% involved in Lewes FC to try to make a difference. Without her, our female players wouldn’t get anywhere near the visibility they currently do. Grace has gone above and beyond for the team this season, and has a bright future ahead of her.

Kerri Coombs – Girls Technical Pathway Lead
Kerri showed so much bravery in stepping up and leading the first team near the start of the season when Scott was unable to be there for personal reasons. She demonstrated all the club’s values all in one go but especially bravery when it was so last minute and a crucial stage of the season.

Richard Horton – Volunteer
Without a manager at the start of 23/24 season and with 6 registered players, the Lewes Juniors U9 Girls were in need of someone like Richard. He volunteered to take on the manager/coach role with no football coaching experience. He quickly did the FA training courses to be a coach and grew the number of girls taking part in training from just 6 to 17. The girls are from schools in Lewes and the local villages, from all social backgrounds, many had never played football in a team before and for some, this was their first experience of team sports. They started playing league matches in January and have progressed both as a team and as a group of friends. He has fostered fun and inclusive coaching sessions and match day experiences. Recognising the need for female role models he organised for Rhian Cleverly and Amelia Hazard to come and speak to the girls at a recent coaching session and arranged for the girls to be mascots at a Lewes FC Women home game.

Shrey Nilvarna – Fan Engagement Manager
Shrey has worked tirelessly over the 23/24 season, covering three roles that were unfilled. Whilst he originally covered roles for the short term he ended up doing them for a large part of the season, even when his own plate was full and he had his own job to deliver. Somehow, despite this, attendances have risen across the season. He continues to take up requests and work with enthusiasm and dedication. The club should feel very grateful.

Karen Dobres – Club Ambassador
Karen shows such passion and dedication for Lewes FC but also delivers the wider ethos of the club. Whether during the game or on non-game days, her thoughts and actions are selfless in regards to helping the club, helping the community and promoting equality. Her efforts to network and spread our message are consistent, drawing people in and including everyone. She is a great ambassador for the club and for equality. She regularly talks on behalf of the club, to students, companies and at conferences, pioneering equality and Lewes FC. Karen has also delivered projects at Lewes FC such as ‘The Three Graces’ and ‘The Rooker Prize’, bringing new fans to the club and maintaining visibility in the press. She informally mentors Lewes FC staff and is always at the other end of the phone whenever she is needed, all of this is done as a volunteer and believer in Lewes FC.