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Lewes FC to Conduct Consultation on Investment Opportunity

Lewes FC to Conduct Consultation on Investment Opportunity

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Written by: Jack

Lewes FC is conducting a consultation with owners on an opportunity to receive investment into the club that will support its long-term strategic goals.

The core strategy has been and remains to drive up ownership subscriptions to the tens of thousands and beyond, creating a large, stable revenue stream at that same time as building the club’s democratic base.

Over the last year, we have generated more sponsorship and partnership revenue than ever before, our ownership numbers are at their highest ever levels, our ticket sales, hospitality and merchandise revenue figures are increasing, and our women’s team bring in strong broadcast and shared league sponsorship figures.

However, to build these revenues faster, remain competitive and protect these gains, we need to identify additional sources of funding that can help lever our potential.

Leveraging that strong growth potential, Lewes FC are now in conversation with investment partners within Mercury 13, a soon to be launched investment fund.

These conversations are around investing into the club to realise our high-performance football aims, whilst protecting our other club strategic goals of community and fan engagement and impact on the world.

The proposal would mean that whilst Lewes Community Football Club Ltd (“LCFC”, the Topco) would remain 100% fan-owned with all ownerships retaining their status, Lewes FC Women’s ownership structure, which is currently 100% owned by LCFC, would become co-owned with Mercury 13.

The investment into the women’s side of the club would have direct benefits on the men’s side. It would also mean that we would introduce more flexible approaches to the distributions to our playing budgets so that we can provide both teams with what they need to thrive, rather than using them as the sole indicator of our commitment and approach to equality, a principle that stands resolute and firm.

Lewes FC Chair Stuart Fuller said “Directors have a responsibility to identify ways to ensure the club’s ongoing financial sustainability and protect the significant on and off pitch gains made over recent years.

“We were challenged during the AGM last year to continue to progress this work and for many months, we have been working hard to bring this investment opportunity to the table.

“We are now keen for Owners to provide feedback on the proposal, that is with a set of individuals and partners that we believe are aligned with our values and principles and can bring some incredible strengths and expertise to the table, without compromising the guiding principles and values we hold so dear as a club.”

Lewes FC CEO Maggie Murphy said “Over many years, and thanks to the efforts of our Owners, volunteers, staff, coaches, players, partners and Directors, we have collectively built a club to be proud of. Mindful that we have only scratched the surface of our potential impact on and off the pitch, we have looked to identify potential partners who could not only join but elevate our club community.

“The team at Mercury 13 have demonstrated their commitment to our steadfast principles of equality, equity, fan ownership, and local to global community impact, which is a hard ask of an investment partner which is why we are keen to progress the conversations”.

We are happy to be able to bring this opportunity to Owners for their feedback through the link provided in the email to Owners. We would ask all Owners to provide their immediate response and reflection and raise any questions that we can answer in the forthcoming Townhall.

Lewes FC to Conduct Consultation on Investment Opportunity