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Lewes FC launch Values Awards

Lewes FC launch Values Awards

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Written by: Jack

We are delighted to launch our Values Awards 2024, a new set of awards  linked to our club values designed to recognise a player, staff member, volunteer, Director, fan or owner or somebody else closely connected to our club community who have gone above and beyond over the last 12 months.
These awards do not replace the traditional awards issued to players at the end of the season.
We are asking anyone from the Lewes FC community to send us nominations (link below) for people they think deserve to be recognised in the Lewes FC Values awards.
All you have to do is share their name, the award you would like to nominate them for, and a short reason why they deserve it. Our Awards Committee (comprised of a player, a volunteer, a fan, and a Director) will then create a shortlist to be put out to a public vote.
We expect to announce the winners at the end of our last home game of the season on April 21.
Lewes FC Club Values:

For those who have realised success or created impact through meeting challenging goals.
Example: a player who sets a club record, a member of staff who revolutionises a way of doing things, dramatically improving standards. An owner who suggests an idea to better the club or its services. 

For those who have shown mental or moral strength to take on a difficult challenge.
Example: a Director taking on a new role without any prior experience and pushing through imposter syndrome to make great changes for the club. A player using their own platform to support the future of the club and its purpose. 

For those who have contributed to the wider Lewes FC community.
Example: a staff member who volunteers with an interconnected charity, a volunteer who leads community initiatives at the club, or a fan who promotes the club to others, increasing attendance on game days.

Dedication: For those who have been focused and persistent in committing to a task or role.
Example: a volunteer who gives up their time and energy every week, making a significant difference to club operations through their work, a fan who travels to support the teams’ week in, week out or a fan who falls in love with the club and decides to volunteer.

Equality and Empowerment:
For those who have worked hard and delivered success in championing club
principles around equality.
Example: a member of staff who runs impactful workshops for players or staff, or a fan who calls out inappropriate behaviour at a game, striving for better cultural standards or a director who leads on tasks and events which promote equality and diversity. 
Voting closes at midday on Thursday 4 April.