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Lewes and SKINS announce ground-breaking partnership

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Lewes FC, the first professional or semi-professional club in the world to commit to equal pay for its
men and women players, has confirmed the first international endorsement of its Equality FC
project, by announcing a partnership agreement with the campaigning sports brand SKINS. 

Lewes launched their ground-breaking Equality FC campaign in July to help raise awareness of
gender inequality in football. SKINS, who have purchased a life ownership share in the club, will
now support Lewes in encouraging more opportunities within women’s and girl’s football both at
home and abroad. 

In addition to a commitment to pay, the Equality FC project provides equal resource for coaching
and local grassroots investment to drive equal participation in the game. SKINS’ Chairman, Jaimie
Fuller, who has campaigned on equality and ethical sporting issues across the world, is delighted to
support Lewes FC’s aim of furthering gender equality in football. 

Jaimie said: “As a challenger brand we’ve led campaigns against governing bodies including FIFA,
the IOC and the UCI, but now we’re delighted to be supporting a community group which deserves
maximum visibility. Lewes FC’s vision for true equality within football is one we’re proud to

“SKINS has developed a proud reputation for upholding what we call the True Spirit Of Competition
within everything we do and, as part of the association, we’ll work to promote Equality FC across all
our territories and specifically, with our partners and consumers across the world.” 

Stuart Fuller, Chairman of Lewes FC said: “SKINS are not only a respected brand in the sporting
world for their excellent products but also for their commitment to campaigning on some of the
major issues impacting the sporting industry today. They share a number of our visions and values
on equality and we are delighted that they have become one of our life owners as well as a valued
commercial partner.” 

As a community club, Lewes is wholly owned by its fans. SKINS life ownership share has been
purchased in two ways. 50% of the share has been paid for by the company with the remainder
supplied by staff and global partners. As part of the association, SKINS will provide an equal share
of technical product for the club’s men and women’s senior teams.


SKINS’ products are now sold in 31 countries and the company has supplied technical performance
and compression wear to elite sports clubs and sports people including Stoke City FC, The
Australian Wallabies and national winter sports’ squads. 

The company has supported equality campaigns including Rainbow Laces, and led anti-corruption
campaigns against FIFA and the UCI. 

Chairman Jaimie Fuller is a co-founder of the pressure group, Change FIFA Now and is currently
leading the Fans Not Numbers campaign which seeks empowerment for the English Football
Association to strengthen the rules governing football club ownership. 

SKINS operates under a code of conduct which supporters the rights of all workers associated with
the creation, marketing and selling of its products.