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Keep the magic – just make it equal

Keep the magic – just make it equal

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Written by: Jack

Last season, our women’s team made history by reaching the FA Cup Quarter-Finals for the first time in our history.

We are no strangers to making history and our incredible group of players used our platform to campaign for an equal FA Cup in prize money for men and women.

In total from their cup run, the club took home £51,000, but if the team were men, they would have taken home £450,000 as well as £200,000 broadcast fee for being the TV pick.

Obviously, £650,000 would have been a transformational boost for the club and could have paid for scoreboards, refurbished changing rooms and bathrooms, toilet blocks and 3G infrastructure.

We believe in two things – evening out FA Cup prize money across men’s and women’s teams, and spreading the prize money across lower divisions where it is needed most.

Thanks to our campaigning, last year, the women’s prize money was increased, but there is still a long way to go.

Today, our amazing group of men’s players attempt to lengthen their own run in the FA Cup by reaching the First Round of the competition for only the fourth time in club history.

The women’s players have been at the forefront of the campaigning over the last few years, but today our men have a platform to stand in solidarity for prize money being distributed towards the lower levels and more evenly between men’s and women’s teams.

Today, they will wear our Equal FA Cup warm-up t-shirts, designed by Art of Football to highlight the change that is needed.

We’re very lucky at Lewes, that we have players that buy into every aspect of the club, and men’s players that step forward and show allyship to our women, whether through our Equal FA Cup campaign , or through our Call Him Out campaign.

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