Impact Report 22/23 – Lewes Community Football Club

Impact Report 22/23

Impact Report 22/23

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Written by: Jack

We are delighted to share our 22/23 Impact Report!

It is important for us to show transparency and accountability as part of our commitment to good governance.

On the pitch, we achieved the highest finish for our men’s side in 15 years, our total attendance went up by 27.68% and we saw an improvement in fan-enjoyment in our annual survey.

Of course, on the pitch success is far easier to measure, but off the pitch, we like to think we made a big impact also.

We strive for football done better and to be community-centred in everything we do.

We also believe that within this, our players possibly have the most powerful voice of them all. Earlier this year, our women’s team created history by reaching the Quarter-Finals of the FA Cup for the first time, and with that, used their voice to create social change.

They released an open letter ahead of Karen Carney’s independent review of women’s football, calling for the equalisation of prize money in the FA Cup, across the men’s and women’s game.

We have now seen the prize money this season doubled from the Third Round which, whilst we still expect further growth, is amazing to see.

What’s more, our men’s team once again showed incredible allyship to our women at the club, with another impactful Call Him Out campaign on Sexual Violence Awareness Week.

For all our impact off the pitch, it couldn’t be possible without our incredible Commercial Partners such as XeroSumUpCurve and Lyle & Scott whose financial support has truly scaled what we are able to achieve.

Have a read of it yourself HERE, and as always, we are happy to receive feedback or welcome any support you can offer.