Galacticos! Meet Mitch, Our Head of Beers and Pies – Lewes Community Football Club

Galacticos! Meet Mitch, Our Head of Beers and Pies


How did you end up behind the bar at The Rook Inn (and any regrets!?)

I guess it all started with a job interview, and two weeks later I was put into the hatch serving teas and coffees on match days. Then it grew into cooking food for the players. Then Steve Keegan went away for a month or so and me and another member of staff sort of ended up running the place while he was gone …and then we never really stopped!

If you’re not at the Dripping Pan on the weekend, where are you?

Either out driving on my motorbike, or having to fix something I’ve broken, which is normally my motorbike . Just generally something practical.

If you could only serve one thing on match days, what would it be?

Now that’s a hard one, personally I think we could go without beer, but the must is food. I don’t think I could get though a game without a pie or a portion of chips, maybe even a burger one day.

Do you think you could do a job for Lewes FC on pitch as well as behind the bar?

Is that a real question? Of course I’d make the best water carrier, not sure about anything on the playing side though!

If you had to socially isolate with just one other Lewes FC person, who would it be?

That’s a hard one. I guess I’m an essential service – so it doesn’t count. I need to be out there serving people!

Can you describe Lewes FC in three words?

I’m torn with this, it must be either ‘little bit mad,’ or ‘one big family’ …but I think either is fitting.