‘The team has been super welcoming’ – Moore discusses joining Rooks – Lewes Community Football Club

‘The team has been super welcoming’ – Moore discusses joining Rooks

‘The team has been super welcoming’ – Moore discusses joining Rooks

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Written by: Joe

New Lewes FC goalkeeper Emily Moore says she’s already setting in well at the club following her move to the Dripping Pan from Canada at the start of this season.

Moore was on the bench for the Rooks during last weekend’s 0-0 draw with London City Lionesses, and arrives at the Pan having been on West Ham’s books last term.

The goalkeeper, 23, was back in Canada over the summer playing for her home club Victoria Highlanders when she got the call from Lewes.

And Moore says she’s raring to go this season.

“I’ve been aware of Lewes since I started looking for a club in December. I joined West Ham but in the summer was trying to find a new club and spoke to Kelly Lindsey,” says Moore.

“It worked for me to come on trial and as soon as I got here I just fell in love with the town.

“I knew about the Equality FC side of Lewes because of my earlier research. I was trying to figure out what the club was all about, and it’s really inspired me.

‘There’s always someone there for you’
“It’s crazy to think it’s the first club to pay the men and women equally. I love the community feel here, and it shows within the games. How everyone supports the club, supports the players and staff. Whatever anyone needs, there’s always someone there for you.”

Moore was playing in a tournament in Montreal when she got the confirmation she’d be heading to East Sussex this summer. But first she had to dash back home near the west-coast city of Vancouver.

“I got here after a crazy few days in Canada. The first few days were a blur. I had to fly to Montreal, and then fly back to Vancouver – a five-hour flight – and then the same day I flew over to the UK. I was very discombobulated when I got here!” she says.

“The team has been super welcoming. There’s the same feeling within the team that the community as a whole has.

“The day I flew in I went to a men’s game and that was really cool, to see the Pan full of fans and so loud.

“It was cool to see a more “English” feel to the game. It’s different when the fans are so close to the field, I really like that.”

Champion keeper at British Colombia
Moore began her youth career at Victoria Highlanders before spending five years at UBC Thunderbirds while studying for a university degree.

After graduating having won the nationals and being named graduating athlete of the year, Moore got a place in the West Ham set-up.

Discussing her playing style, the keeper said: “I’m pretty vocal out there but am not of the breed of goalkeeper who is argumentative.

“I’m calm and don’t care about getting involved with all the stuff beside the football, like pushing around and arguing with the ref. I just want to play my game – calm, cool and collective with how I play.

“One thing that really attracted me to Lewes was that I feel I can develop here and be myself as a keeper. I can focus on my development and how I want to succeed in the Women’s Championship.

“I’m looking forward to that – the Championship right now is wide open and anyone could win it. So it’s really an exciting opportunity that we as a team have to make a mark this season.”

Lewes’ famous matchday posters have also caught Moore’s well-trained eye, having graduated from the University of British Colombia with a degree in visual arts and graphic design.

“I find them hilarious!” says Moore. “Funnily enough I’ve already been over to Rhian’s place and they have a whole wall of the posters. They’re pretty funny some of them, others are really ‘out there’.”

Everyone at Lewes FC would like to welcome Emily to the Dripping Pan.