Director Stuart Fuller to step down upon hitting 12-year mark at helm of Lewes FC – Lewes Community Football Club

Director Stuart Fuller to step down upon hitting 12-year mark at helm of Lewes FC

Director Stuart Fuller to step down upon hitting 12-year mark at helm of Lewes FC

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Written by: Jack

Lewes FC is sad to announce that the club’s current longest serving Director, Stuart Fuller will step down on October 26, which marks 12 years since his election onto the first ever community elected board in 2011.

As per club rules, twelve years is the maximum consecutive length of time a Director can participate on the board.

Stuart has been Chair of the club since January 2015, overseeing a great deal of change in that time within Lewes FC and across non-league football.

Lewes FC CEO Maggie Murphy said, “Stuart has devoted endless hours and hours of his time to the club. Whether at home, away or online, he has gone over and above to serve the club and its supporters with great depths of patience and dedication.

“For every single action seen externally, there are countless unseen actions and tasks he has fulfilled behind the scenes. He will be missed.”

Director John Peel said, “It has been a privilege to have been Stuart’s colleague on the Board for 8 years and I feel very fortunate that he has given 12 years of devotion to our club.

“Our football club models itself as one trying to do things differently. To challenge the status quo and do so with respect, dignity, and fairness. These are all values that emanated from Stu right back to when he started in 2011 and we owe him a huge debt of gratitude.

“I’d ask that all fans reciprocate the passion Stu feels for the club with recognition at our home game Saturday.”

Stuart said, “I’m sad to be leaving the board of the club at such a pivotal moment in our history, knowing that the next few months will shape our future and not being able to be part of that in an official capacity will be tough.

“However, I know I am leaving the club in very competent, caring and capable hands. It has been an honour to represent Lewes Football Club every day, in every situation.

“We may not have had the success on the pitch that we have deserved, but nobody can doubt the impact off the pitch we have made in the football world.

“I’d like to thank my fellow directors (past and present), staff, owners, volunteers, fans, players, managers, coaches and everyone else who I have worked with, as well as my family who have had to endure every kick, every point, every bad performance and every issue that has taken me away from time with them.”

Director Andy Gowland said, “The wealth of experience, knowledge and breadth of network across non-league football that Stu has brought through his time at the club has been instrumental in helping it to grow to where it is today.

“I’ve really enjoyed working with Stuart through my time at the club and I really enjoyed learning from him and really appreciate his continued and loyalty to the club.”

Director Trevor Wells will temporarily take over the helm as Interim Chair until the club’s Annual General Meeting (AGM), scheduled to take place late November, when elections for Directors will be held. Once the new board is in place, Directors will select a new Chair.

Trevor said – “It has been a pleasure serving on the Board with Stuart for the last three years. His support and knowledge of the game has been invaluable to me and the rest of the board.

“I won’t forget Stu’s wry smile when giving a diplomatic response to a difficult question.”

Stuart finished by saying, “There’s a Greek Proverb that has driven me to always want to do things better for Lewes Football Club, “Society grows great when old men plant trees whose shade they will never see.”

The club invites all fans and supporters to celebrate and thank Stuart at half time during the home game versus Enfield Town on Saturday 21 October.