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Data Talks Partnership

Data Talks Partnership

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Written by: Jack

We are delighted to announce our partnership with Data Talks, an industry-leading company to transform how we use our data.

Data Talks are already partnered with some of the biggest sporting institutions around the world including PAOK FC, AIK Fotboll, the Austrian Football Federation, and IFK Göteborg.

Following our fans survey, we took on the feedback we received in the need to respond to our fans better and gain a better understanding of their behaviour and experiences.

Our partnership with Data Talks will enable us to improve on our commercial success as well as our need to understand data better in terms of how we handle that.

Following the partnership, Data Talks CEO & Founder, Stefan Lavén, had this to say: “At the heart of Lewes FC is a strong passion for innovation and equality.

“This is evident in everything they do, not least in how they allocate their resources between their men’s and women’s teams.

“So of course, Data Talks could not miss out on the opportunity to partner with a club whose ethos reflects ours.

“With this partnership, Data Talks and Lewes FC have a chance to prove the merit of using data to create unparalleled commercial success, for both men’s and women’s teams.”

What’s more, our CEO Maggie Murphy added: “Football is full of emotion. But when you’re trying to hit targets and make good decisions, you need to be thoughtful and rational.

“For that, you need good evidence, good data and good ways of connecting, understanding and handling data.

“Data Talks will help us to clean up and streamline the way we handle information internally, which in turn, will help us make good commercial decisions and engage better with our fans, owners, partners and suppliers.

“We’re delighted to welcome Data Talks to the Lewes FC team.”

With this partnership, it will also enhance the work that our Fans & Community Engagement Coordinator, Shrey Nilvarna is involved in.

He also had this to say: “The partnership with Data Talks will definitely help us in organising and structuring the data we have internally.

“It will also help in providing more personalised service to all our fans and owners. It will be key in understanding how our fans and owners interact with the club and how we can improve what we offer to them.

“For my role, I like to work with data to improve on matchday experiences and marketing of the fixtures, hence this partnership is a leap forward to improving as a club.”