BREAKING NEWS: Equality Supporters Club launches – Lewes Community Football Club

BREAKING NEWS: Equality Supporters Club launches

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Since Lewes FC started paying women and men equally, we’ve had a lot of interest from companies who like what we’re doing and want to support us.  They want to help us to continue and grow our efforts.  

We are delighted to announce today, on International Women’s Day, our Equality Supporters Club.  This is a group of partners who are backing the club because of its equality stance.

Each of the deals done with our Equality Supporters Club partners is of a significant size and most last for a multi-year period. In the aggregate they represent the largest commercial deal that the club has done in its 134-year history.

The founder members of the Equality Supporters Club are:

To achieve change in the world, someone has to go first.  We decided that in the field of gender equality in football, we would go first.  We are honoured, and grateful, that our Equality Supporters Club members have decided that they, too, will go first.  We will endeavour to deliver even more value to them than they do to us.

We consider the Equality Supporters Club to be our top tier of partnership.  We would welcome new members.  
If you would like the company that you own, or work for, to join the Club please contact us at for more details.

The weekend of 27th/28th April will be our inaugural Equality Supporters Club weekend.  In addition to Lewes FC men playing Hornchurch on the Saturday, and Lewes FC women playing Sheffield United on the Sunday, there will be all manner of events and activities.  Please come along to say thank you to our partners.

The theme of this year’s International Women’s Day is #BalanceForBetter.  The idea is that a gender-balanced world is better for everyone. The Equality Supporters Club is a perfect example of this. We would encourage other football clubs to give equal resources to their women’s and men’s teams and see whether the balance is better for them, too.