Booth: “We know we can give Charlton a game” – Lewes Community Football Club

Booth: “We know we can give Charlton a game”

Booth: “We know we can give Charlton a game”

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Written by: Jack

Following another heartbreaking 94th minute equaliser that forced Lewes to settle for another point, we caught up with Scott Booth ahead of a tricky away game to Charlton. 

“It’s very hard to take isn’t it, two weeks on the trot, you concede in the 90+4th minute. It’s difficult to take that over the last two weeks.

“Especially when I think we’ve played good football in those games and in other situations we might have taken six points.

“But we did say we need to learn from it and we’re learning the hard way, we need to be able to see out games.

“That’s obviously something we’ve spoken about, and we’re ready to go into Charlton, the players have been good this week, there’s plenty of competition and we’re looking forward to it.

“If it had been earlier in the season, we’d have been able to offset things a little bit more but given the situation we’re in, three points are necessary. A point doesn’t get you anywhere.

“Although the spirits of the squad, and the progression of the squad, it does help, but realistically, we need three points now.”

Our home game vs. Charlton back in November was another one that ended in stoppage time heartbreak when the Addicks were given a controversial penalty but Scott believes it’s a result we can avenge.

“We’re confident we can cause Charlton problems, you know in the previous game they were given a penalty that’s never a penalty, and we didn’t have much luck from that side of things which has been the case a number of times this season.

“That’s not me just having a moan, it’s just been really poor at times from that perspective.

“We know we can give Charlton a game, and Charlton should know that we can give them a game. There’s no game in this competition that’s a gimme, it’s just not the way this league works.”

There was one in and one out this week as the January transfer window closed, with Kate Mooney departing and Chelsea Ferguson coming in on-loan.

“Moons has been fantastic, she’s a great girl and a really good player as well, she came to us and asked the question, we looked at the situation and decided she needed to go and play.

“That’s what she wanted to do, have more of a guaranteed game time, that’s what she felt she wanted, to go and play, and we understand that.

“So we were happy for her to go to Hearts and we wish her all the best. She’s a great player and person, I hope she does really well.

“Bringing in Chelsea is great, we had a chat about bringing her in earlier in the season, it didn’t quite work out then.

“But we’ve managed to on this occasion and we just want to keep the squad competition as active as possible.

“Everyone knows that it’s really high now and I’m just hoping that it raises the standards of our players and as a team.”