Booth: “The players didn’t stop” – Lewes Community Football Club

Booth: “The players didn’t stop”

Booth: “The players didn’t stop”

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Written by: Jack

After last night’s game vs. Crystal Palace we spoke with a relieved Scott Booth who was delighted to see the players get a reward. 

“It was a really good game, a pretty open game; you expect a team like Palace with the players they have, to make things difficult and create chances and they did that.

“But we did that as well, we got in really good positions, we were really good in our attacking transitions, but more importantly, the players showed how much they wanted it.

“The desire was there, and it’s not easy we’ve got a small squad, a lot of players have had to play another 90 minutes.

“I wasn’t sure if it was a corner that led to their goal, it looked like it hit the crossbar to me, the ref obviously thinks Em got a touch but I’m not quite so sure, I’ll ask her!

“But the players didn’t stop, they kept fighting, we made changes, we had Sunday to think about, and the players that came on did really, really well and they fought to the end to get that goal.”

And Scott was also really pleased with some individual performances in the game.

“Reanna and Anna did so well, it was one of Reanna’s best performances yet, not just doing the winger’s work but also the scrapping for the ball, she was excellent.

“The goal was massive, it was massive, we’re playing against a team that’s kept their strength in their side, they’ve been doing brilliantly in the league, and we’ve matched them.

“We spoke before the game to the players about showing resilience and they showed exactly that tonight.

“I half expected the saves from Emily because she’s a real unit of a goalkeeper. When you get a situation where a no. 2 gets an opportunity like she did tonight, her performance was great.

“She’s not had a lot of minutes, bar pre-season when Sophie was away, but she come in tonight and it was a great performance.”

Lastly, he spoke of the form his side is in and knows they still have to keep progressing.

“It’s really hard when you’re not winning games, not scoring goals, it’s tough mentally, but if anyone’s been to the games we’ve played, this season, we’re in all of them.

“It’s mistakes costing us, we made one tonight and got punished again, it just seems to be the way, but we’re really happy tonight.”