Booth: “It’s a fantastic squad of players.” – Lewes Community Football Club

Booth: “It’s a fantastic squad of players.”

Booth: “It’s a fantastic squad of players.”

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Written by: Jack

Lewes FC Women are on the road this weekend as we travel to Sunderland in Barclays Women’s Championship action.

It’s a first game for the Rooks since October, beating Coventry United away from home. Following that was a postponed fixture vs. Bristol City and an international break but manager, Scott Booth, is relishing getting back.

“It’s always tough when you’ve got players away with the international break and you’re lower on numbers but it’s been a good week and we’ve trained well.

“We’re really looking forward to getting back to it after a bit of a break. Players love playing matches, but a tough one with the travel involved.

“Sunderland are a good side and have lost games but very narrowly, they don’t lose a lot of goals, and they are generally very competitive.

“They work really hard for each other, put tackles in, and they have players that can hurt teams so we have to be very vigilant.”

Going into the eighth game of the season, Scott assesses his side’s start to this year’s campaign.

“We’re constantly working on getting more goals, we know where we need to improve but any away trip in the Championship is going to be difficult.

“I think our start to the season has been really good though to be honest. We’ve had a lot of work to do, but it doesn’t feel like we’re far in.

“But we kind of are in a way, now that we’re approaching Christmas. I feel like we’ve covered a lot of ground, players have been given a lot of information, the players have bonded incredibly well and they’ve formed into a really strong team that’s highly competitive.”

The Rooks have lost just once so far this season and it goes beyond the quality of the players, Scott says.

“We worked hard when we were recruiting, obviously to recruit the best players but also the best people.

“I think we’ve done that well and because of it, the players have gelled incredibly well together and get on really well. It’s a fantastic squad of players to work with.”