Booth: “I will always support Lewes in any way that I can.” – Lewes Community Football Club

Booth: “I will always support Lewes in any way that I can.”

Booth: “I will always support Lewes in any way that I can.”


Written by: Jack

Despite the news that Lewes FC Women manager, Scott Booth, will be stepping down at the end of the season, he insists that full focus is on what is a huge week for the club. 

“I will always support Lewes in any way that I can.” said Booth who spoke with pride about his two season at the club.

“Obviously my contract comes to an end at the end of the season, I’ve worked with some amazing people, a lot of fantastic players, some real highs, some real lows along the way.

“I’ve 100% loved being part of the club, and the clubs ethos, but I think the only side of that is that I’ve spent two years away from my wife, from home, and to be perfectly honest, it’s taken its toll a little bit.

“I think it’s the right time for the club and for me to part ways but I wish the club all the very best after the London City game and I hope they build again for next season strongly.

“The focus is 100% on Palace for the players, they have been incredible, completely professional this week. It was always going to be the case, I had no doubts about that.

“I knew that nothing would stand in the way of the players focusing on the game. It’s been that case, they listened to me but immediately after we were back to normal and back to analysis on Palace. It’s been a good week for us.”

The importance of the game on Sunday can’t be ignored but Scott says the preparation over international break has been very positive.

“It’s obviously a huge game for us on Sunday. We’ve had international break, two weeks that’s given us good time to be ahead of the game in terms of prep for Palace.

“We do lose a few players in that time but we were able to get them back in good time on this occasion and integrate them really well.

“It’s not always the case with the internationals, we get them back maybe for one day or two before we play a league match but this time around it’s been much better.

“We understand the enormity of the game, we understand the task in hand, and we’re up for it.”

We are also looking set to be backed by an almost sold out crowd (let’s just sell out shall we?!), and Scott believes it will push the players the extra mile.

“The crowd will help us hugely. When you generate that type of crowd on match day, there’s absolutely no doubt that the crowd feed off the players and the players feed off the crowd.

“It’s a unique occasion to be able to bring to the Pan. The fans will get behind us really strongly, there’s so much at stake and the players really react to that.

“It’s going to be a great atmosphere for everyone that’s there and we just have to try and make it as uncomfortable as possible for Palace.”

The task at hand is a tough one Sunday but as we know in this league, every game presents a similar challenge, and Scott knows we have to be at our best.

“Palace are a good side without a doubt, they’re where they are in the table for a reason. They’ve proved all season that they have, in possession, real threats. Some of the best players in the league for sure.

“They’ve capitalised on a lot of situations, been incisive with their chances and are pretty clinical. They don’t concede much defensively either so it’s a difficult task, we know that.

“But this season, they’ve all been difficult tasks, none of them have been easy and we have to ensure we focus on ourselves, do the things we know we can do well.

“We have to limit the possibilities for a good attacking team in Palace, and that will make for a really interesting game. Palace have their own pressures, whether you’re at the bottom or at the top, pressure comes with that.

“We know what we’ve got to deal with, I’m sure they are the same but depending how the game goes, it can add to those situations.”

Attacker and Maltese international, Maria Farrugia, picked up the Barclays Women’s Championship Player of the Month this week which Scott is delighted for her in achieving.

“Maz has been a great player for a number of years now, she’s important for her national team and she’s important to us.

“When Maz is really on it, she’s an incredibly difficult player to play against, and big congratulations to her for winning that.

“I think though that she’d give it all up to have two wins out of two in the next two games!”