Booth: “I was really happy with our performance against Charlton” – Lewes Community Football Club

Booth: “I was really happy with our performance against Charlton”

Booth: “I was really happy with our performance against Charlton”

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Written by: Jack

Lewes boss Scott Booth has spoken of the competitive nature of the Barclays Women’s Championship ahead of our clash with Coventry United on Sunday.

“You’re constantly preparing for a team that will cause you problems in this league and teams that are hard to break down.

“You want to hopefully find some continuity with that and the team selection so the players can feel comfortable. It’s no different to any competitive league, every game is a chance to win but really competitive.

“From previous years, playing against Coventry, I know this is a different squad, but I think everyone knows the game is going to be tough, they won’t get complacent.

“The most important thing is we focus on ourselves and our gameplan but understanding that Coventry are good enough to cause us problems.”

Working hard as team
“Training has been good though and we’re really looking forward to the game. We’ve got a journey up on the day, which is never ideal, but I think we’re ready to go.

“I was really happy with our performance against Charlton because we battled hard and especially after having beat them in the cup, we knew it would be a tough game.

“I think we scored two good goals, defended really well at times, and then I suppose at times we rode our luck a little bit, but I think in this league, we’re going to have to do that at times.

“Having watched it back though, I don’t think Sophie was tested that much, we were fairly comfortable for the most part. That was down to the back-line putting their bodies on the line as well.”

A helping hand from Sophie Whitehouse
“It was an amazing save that Sophie did make though, it really was, especially when you know she meant it and it was one of those where she really had to use her instinct at the last millisecond.

“She has been amazing since the start of the season, she’s proved how good a goalkeeper she is and works really hard with the backline, they work well as a team. We’ve not lost a lot of goals and I think we are difficult to beat.”