Board of Directors Candidate 2017 – Ed Briggs – Lewes Community Football Club

Board of Directors Candidate 2017 – Ed Briggs

Board of Directors Candidate 2017 – Ed Briggs

Club news

Dear Supporters, Owners, Staff, Players and

You may remember me from last year…..thank
you to the “handful” of people that voted for me in 2016.

I didn’t make it to the board last year as
the club wanted to move in a particular direction. This does not mean that I
have not been involved since the election. During the past year I have tried to
support Kevin Miller with some of the fantastic ideas he has in attracting more
corporate sponsorship to the club, a continuous challenge at this level. I also
took a strimmer to that steep bank where the players come out!

Having interacted with pretty much all of
the board members at some point in the past year I can guarantee that they all
have the interests of Lewes at heart, and want both 1st teams to succeed
and get as high up the pyramid as possible. The ladies pyramid, somewhat
unfairly, appears a little wobbly based on recent FA announcements!

If elected I promise to raise all of your
opinions when the opportunity arises. Let’s be honest The Pitch Forum contains
some interesting ideas and all opinions deserve to be heard and not ignored.
They are not intended to be divisive and everybody wants the Men’s 1st
Team to be pushing at the top of National League South as a minimum. The
winning habit looks to be contagious this year.

I bring with me 28 years of experience now
(another year older and wiser), working initially in customer service but
predominantly business to business sales in the Global Telecoms and Computer
Software industries. I hope my Commercial background will allow me to be
‘Results Driven’ whilst adding some ‘Blue Sky thinking’ to the Board Room and I
promise to ‘Touch Base’ with the other Directors and fans ‘Pop Your Ideas In My
Mental Microwave’ to ensure that I don’t find they need to ‘Kick My Project
Into The Long Grass’ and I will ‘Circle Back’ to you all.

Seriously, I won’t be playing B***S***
Bingo and will instead represent your ideas at Board Meetings and vote
accordingly. I trust that my commercial acumen will make an appearance occasionally.

My priorities when I stood last year were
many, this year I have few:

Promotion and Momentum for the
Men’s 1st Team – As much budget for Darren as possible for the first
team. The bloke knows what he is doing and I know the relationship built by
Stuart and Barry is supporting him all the way.

Sponsorship – maximize revenue
and encourage more sponsors to the club from my professional network and

Promote the Ownership Scheme

Bring at least 1 friend to
every match

Reengage with Volunteers from
the past that feel neglected.

Focus on Tapping into the Local
Community of Lewes – putting on regular Events for the masses

The saying that a ‘Bad Workman blames his
tools’ is not the case at The Pan, having volunteered over the summer I know that
we rely entirely on donations and sub-standard tools in some cases but not
sub-standard  Volunteers.

Again, I have seen the criticism on the
Forum, aimed at the club in general, about the disengagement of previously
loyal volunteers and with Lewes as a town. I am all ears and want to help to
repair this – if it can be done.

The music festivals, events and parties
sound like they have dropped off and I know working with Kevin we can bring in
revenue in these areas and involve those that feel ignored.

Above all let’s get behind this promotion
push and pull in the same direction, the boys deserve our support and are fun
to watch at home and even more so away.

I put my money where my mouth is and have
sponsored a new wheelbarrow and Matthew George this season……..#thereisnopunchlinefeelfreetomakeupyourown

I will ensure your views are heard.

C’mon You Rooks

Ed Briggs