AGM update and an introduction to the candidates for the Board of Directors – Lewes Community Football Club

AGM update and an introduction to the candidates for the Board of Directors

AGM update and an introduction to the candidates for the Board of Directors

Club news

Written by: Stuart

The Annual General Meeting of Lewes Community Football Club will take place on Monday 22nd November at 7.30pm UK time.


The AGM will take place online: access details for all Owners will follow nearer the date.

This will be the first time that the Club has held its AGM online; it has traditionally been an in-person event in the Rook Inn at The Dripping Pan. Current capacity in the Rook Inn is at about 35 people for events. With at least 10 of those spots taken up by directors and staff, that would end up with us giving privileged in-person access to only around 25 of our more-than-1,800 owners. Naturally under those conditions speakers’ presentations would be skewed towards the in-person participants, and it would be more challenging for online participants to follow and engage in a meaningful way; blended events are really difficult to run logistically and equitably. Holding the event wholly online, including all directors and staff, will allow for a single administrator and a chair/presenter to run the AGM, moderate chat questions, give the floor in a fair way and give equal opportunity to all owners to raise questions/concerns.

Board Elections

The Club currently has seven elected directors. Of those, John Peel has come to the end of his three-year term and has chosen to seek re-election. The Club is looking to fill four director positions in total at this election, which will bring us back up to ten elected directors.

As of midnight on Sunday 14th November, six applications were received for election to the Board of Directors, meaning there will be an election prior to the AGM. An online hustings will be held on the evening of Thursday 18th November. Participation in the hustings is optional for candidates.  The candidates statements can be found by clicking on their individual names below:

Matthew Barrett

Scott Currie

John Peel

Lucy Mills

Jamie Stevenson

Sally Taplin

Voting will take place prior to the AGM (voting will end at 12 noon on the day of the AGM), and a link to vote will be circulated in advance. Each owner can vote for up to four candidates. The four candidates receiving the most votes will be elected to the Board. All appointments to the Board are subject to passing the FA’s Owners & Directors Test and adherence to the Club’s Election Policy.

AGM Agenda

– Presentation of 2020/21 Impact Report

– Presentation of club strategy

– Presentation of 2020/21 audited accounts, which can be found here.

– Announcement of new Board members

– Any Other Business

We will also be asking owners to approve the following resolution:

“The AGM notes recent advice that we’ve received from the Football Supporters’ Association (FSA) that our Club rules and side policies are in need of a review. The AGM notes that the Board intends to take up the offer from the FSA of a governance review and that following this review a report will be made to owners at a General Meeting in advance of the next AGM.”

If you’re under 16 years of age you can attend the AGM but will not be eligible to vote.

Thanks for your support.

Board of Directors
Lewes FC