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John Peel

John Peel

Written by: Stuart

Greetings fellow Owners- having been elected back in 2015 and then again in 2018, I am seeking re- election for a further three year term.

In my six years on the Board, I’ve been involved in delivering a number of the Club’s initiatives and strategic ambitions and overall, the single motive that has been central and underpinned every decision and act I’ve made as Board member is to ensure the Club is making the right decisions by you as Owners and is heading in the right direction. If I’m fortunate enough to be elected once more, I will continue to do my very best to ensure that this great club continues on its upward trajectory.

Over the past three years, the majority of my work on the Board has been on the football aspects of the club and specifically, the men’s first team. I act as both the men’s matchday secretary and club secretary, fulfilling the mind numbingly dull yet oddly satisfying administrative and compliance tasks that every club is required to undertake.

As a Director, I also co-lead on the strategic football elements of the club and to that end, I was instrumental in appointing our current 1st team management team of Tony Russell and Joe Vines in spring 2021.

In Tony and Joe, we have two of the most talented people and brightest minds in men’s non-league football. A significant part of my current role on the Board is to work with the two of them, plus Stuart Fuller day to day to build the platform to deliver performances, results, and a team to make the club proud. If my nomination for a further term is successful, I pledge to continue the excellent work we’ve already started and return the club to the Conference South with the ambition of playing in the Conference National in the near future.

To the same end, I pledge to give all I can to push our brilliant women’s team into the WSL. The team’s progression year on year has brought it ever closer to promotion and to play in the highest tier of women’s football and doing so on the platform of equal resources would be momentous for the club, town, and a truly historic moment in English if not world football.

However, football is more than about winning matches. Football clubs are community assets.

Both on and off the pitch, football clubs must have purpose. In an age where we see the very worst and despotic behaviour from clubs, owners and league’s and I am proud to have represented you as Director of the Club when we’ve been in steadfast juxtaposition.

I am standing for re-election because I want to push on the upward curve the club is moving toward on and off the pitch. It has been an immense privilege to have served this Club as a director these past six years and I would dearly appreciate your support to serve another three and help move it to its next chapter.

A copy of John’s election address can be found here