Your personal invitation…

Lewes Community Football Club — ... to become an Owner of Lewes FC.

... to become an Owner of Lewes FC.

(and save 20% off your Year 1 subscription)

Someone thinks you would make a great new owner for Lewes Football Club!

Yes YOU.

Why? Because you share Lewes FC’s  aim to change football and/or the world for the better. 

You see, this really isn’t just about football.

Because football is SO popular, it has the power to bring about change in the wider world. By setting an example in football, Lewes FC is aiming to create change in society too: Standing for gender equality in the male-dominated bastion of football is already creating a wider debate; refusing to accept sponsorship money from gambling companies is helping to get all such advertising banned; giving a voice to all our fans through democratic control puts the spotlight on every club and organisation where people feel powerless.

When you become an Owner of Lewes Football Club, you are buying a single share in the company. No one can own more than one share – part of our democratic safeguard. Your share entitles you to vote for the Board in the annual elections and stand for the Board if you feel you have something to offer. It’s worth saying that owning this single share comes with absolutely no liabilities or responsibilities, so you can relax about that. You will, however, receive regular newsletters and, via our Owner App, you will have the chance to give your opinion and vote on lots of issues, big and small. We currently have around 2,300 single-share owners in 37 countries around the world.

So there you have it. Want to join the revolution?

Lewes FC (and your friend who invited you) would LOVE to have you as an Owner. So much so that we’re giving YOU 20% off the annual payment for your first year. When the renewal comes up, you will then revert to the annual price. You could of course just cancel at that point, but we hope you don’t.


Click here to sign up for our £50/year OWNER plan (£40 in Year 1)

Click here to sign up for our £100/year OWNER PLUS plan, inc gift box (£80 in Year 1)

(or have a little explore of our website first. But do come back to this page for your 20% discount)

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