Ian Wigston – Lewes Community Football Club

Ian Wigston

Written by: John


I am an independent leadership consultant who has pioneered coaching in both financial services and education. I sit on two School Trust Boards and am also a Trustee for the Church of England. I have written or edited two books on leadership.

I have been an Owner since June 2022. After meeting Kelly Lindsey at a sports leadership conference I visited the club’s website and resonated with the club’s values and ethos. By comparison with the exclusive nature of other membership organisations, Lewes’ message of inclusivity is a refreshing and much needed change in sport.

Why I wish to stand

• I have been impressed by the ethos and culture of the club and hope to play a part in seeing its values become established even more strongly and widely than at present.

• In my discussions recently with Maggie Murphy and Kelly, I have been struck by the CEO’s vision and mission. The film “A Different Ball Game” reinforces these messages brilliantly.

• I know the area from holidays when my grandparents lived in Sussex.

• My love of the game, which has seen me live in locations as varied as Blackpool under Jimmy Armfield, Hull during Terry Neill’s time, Forest with Brian Clough, and Luton with David Pleat has been rekindled for the first time in 25 years by what I have seen and heard at Lewes.

• When I worked in banking in the 1980s I saw at first hand how football club mismanagement could have a fatal impact, and can bring both banking and leadership skills to the table.

• I want to have a safe place to take my grandsons to enjoy the beautiful game.

• To support the governance and development work being undertaken by the Chief Executive.

What I want to achieve

• Long term financial security at a scale which is sustainable

• Gender equality

• Promotion, whilst ensuring the club’s values and ethos is not compromised