Bradley Spiby – Lewes Community Football Club

Bradley Spiby

Written by: John

My name is Bradley Spiby, and I am honoured to stand for election to Lewes Football Club’s Board of Directors.

From a young age, I have found motivation in challenging the status quo. During six years working in the investment banking industry in Australia, I was consistently tasked with considering and quantifying the impact of large unprecedented economic shocks on client portfolios. Whilst this task satisfied my desire to challenge the status quo, I struggled to understand my alignment with the industry’s purpose. This struggle ultimately led me to leave the industry and pursue an MBA at one of Europe’s leading Business School’s in 2021. Upon arriving in Spain, I didn’t yet understand the next field where I would like to apply myself. Before long, I became acquainted with a historical local view of women’s football, being “neither football, nor women”. From this moment onwards, I set out to better understand women’s football, and how I could apply my analytical skillset to challenge this view.

As part of this learning process, I have been fortunate to work at Valencia FC, developing strategies to better understand and engage women’s football audiences. I was also lucky to meet current Board Director, Lucy Mills. Upon speaking with Lucy, I learnt about her work with one of Spain’s largest clubs, but importantly, I was introduced to the Club at the centre of the fight for equality in football. From that afternoon, I have been a proud owner of Lewes FC.

Since joining the community, I have actively participated in owner working groups to grow and engage the Club’s ownership base. Together, we have facilitated the recently published fan survey and designed a soon to be released application to increase the opportunities for owners to contribute to Lewes FC. Through this process, I have familiarized myself with the Club’s purpose and strategic pillars, but more importantly, with the Club’s authenticity to deliver upon its purpose, regardless of the pressure to act otherwise. Given my passion to challenge the status quo and my pursuit to work with purposeful organisations, I cannot pass on this opportunity to be more involved with the Club.

If I was to be successful in this election, I would love to support the Club’s ‘Full Financial Sustainability’ Pillar. It is clear to me that football’s traditional model of relying heavily on external financing to fund on-field success has eroded many Club’s relationships with their number one stakeholder, namely their fans. Whether that be through the proliferation of irrelevant sponsors plastered across historic club kits or the aspirations of some to form breakaway leagues, true fans are too often forgotten. For this reason, I feel strongly aligned to the community or ‘fan’ ownership model that outgoing directors Ed Ramsden and Charlie Dobres established in 2010. I hope to utilise my skillset and experience to help the Club scale this model and achieve financial sustainability with the help of fans, rather than at the expense of fans.